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NYC.... the all important silhouette continued

On the 26 of this month I posted an image that sparked quite an interest. I am happy to say that I saw the same woman downtown again wearing the same outfit just yesterday; but further accessorized with a fur collar and boots for the colder weather. This is a great example of the possibilities that we can all enjoy with our existing wardrobe.

NYC.... The Face of New York

NYC... visiting New York

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NYC... fifth avenue

NYC..... GQ's 50 most stylish men of the last fifty years

This is a very interesting compilation of images of iconic men of the last fifty years.

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NYC.... the Face of New York

The "Face of New York" is a new addition to the blog which will feature just faces of people who represent the look of our City and who fit the criteria and scope of the Blog. Periodically over the course of each month posts will appear of New Yorkers going about their business and looking good doing it.
The first post appeared on January 7.

NYC... window shopping

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NYC... Russia and Bryan Boy

Here is a screen shot of my image on Russia as it appears on Bryan Boy's blog , and the same picture larger for your viewing pleasure.