Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NYC... hot pants.. yeah

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Thank you very much John for your compliment
i just try to have fun and not to be a phtographer but a director
that's what i've been doing in TV for several years and that waht makes ma difference
but i've been alerted that the Sartorialist and other streetstyle blogs from NY (not yours) were trying to do the exats same kind of picture than me : not only style, but life and funny with people
i just checked and was amazed, especialiy when these blogs removed my link
sad, very sad
we could work all together to creat a new medias but instead of that, every boyd try to copy others in order to be the first hire by magazines
stupid, very stupid
because in ten years, they will always do the same thing but your photographers will come and take their job

i am a little bitter about human being way of behaving but i must deal with it

may be i am too sensitive but greed is definitely not part of my soul

i hope you are happy my friend in NY and of course, i'll be more than happy to come back to the NY fashion week
it's justa question of money for me

what's new for you ?